We believe in elevating the consciousness of the world by expanding compassion and happiness.

We do this through teachings of mindfulness, meditation, in an academic curriculum that grows the minds, bodies and souls of our children & extends to the greater coast side community. 

We are the Montara Kaimana School!
From the Hawaiian words kai "ocean, sea" and mana "power", put together Kaimana means "diamond". 

Nestled in this gem of an area, Montara Kaimana School is comprised of an outdoor Nature Preschool &  Reggio Emilia Inspired Kindergarten and Grade School located in the heart of Montara. 

Montara Kaimana School is an example of the power of this oceanside community and what can be created when we work together.

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A Progressive Outdoor Nature Preschool & 

Primary Years School 

About Us

We are a group of lifelong learners who live here on the coast, committed to growing and contributing to others through teaching. 


We are parents, we are educators, we are inspired to share what we can with the community and empower children in being as happy and lit up by life as possible!  








Our Team

Director of School &  Nature School Educator

Pamela Fellows

Pamela loves living on the coast and feels very connected to Montara having lived there for several years. What she loves most about the area is the strong sense of community and the magical nature along the coastside. With a background in teaching, yoga, meditation and being a mother of two, Pamela is a lifelong learner and committed to creating an educational community that fosters growth in children's minds, bodies, and souls.

Head of Learning

Martha George

Growing up originally in the beautiful green countryside of Budapest, Martha studied Childhood Development & Pedagogy. Martha has served as a Lead Kindergarten teacher for several years in the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning and is also a lifelong learner herself. Studying and teaching Buddhism & Meditation since 2010,  Martha is committed to sharing knowledge through music, art, wisdom, and learning.

Nature School Educator

Hannah Anderson

Hannah has spent most of her life growing up along the coast from Montara. She has a B.A in Studio Art and Education from Hampshire College. Over the last couple of years she has spent time as a teacher and naturalist for young children in the Bay Area. During this time she has taught her students about environmental sciences through outside exploration and play. Hannah hopes to inspire each of her students to spend more time connecting with nature while also learning how to better relate to each other and themselves. 

Head of People &  Development

Noemi Vega, PhD

Noemi is a natural at directing things and leading people to come together.  She brilliantly blends the needs of a group with empathy and goes the extra mile to understand people and the needs of a team.

As a mother, a yoga instructor, a successful leader in team development in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area, Noemi also has over 25 years in Education. She is passionate about bringing forth mindfulness into the experience of our children so they may grow and flourish through their lives and have confidence and connection to themselves and the world. 



At Montara Kaimana School our goal is to provide a seamless and positive application experience for prospective families looking to join our community.

Below you'll find more information about our tuition & application process.



Apply Online

Submit your application and $54 application fee per child.


Parent Interview

Our Admissions office will contact you to setup a parent interview.


Child Visit & Parent Visit

An opportunity to meet with you again and meet your child and/or children you are enrolling.


Family Notification

We will notify you on a rolling basis.








Nature PreSchool ages 3-4 & TK PreSchool ages 4-5

10% Discount for Sibling Enrollment; 1 month off with paying full year vs monthly

Monday - Friday 8:45AM-1:00PM

Dates: September 2019-June 2020

Tuition: $11,750;

Part-time Options:

Tuesday/Thursday 9AM-1PM
Tuition: $5,250


Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9AM-1PM

Tuition: $7,855

Kindergarten ages 5-6 & Grade School

10% Discount for Sibling Enrollment, 1 month off with paying full year vs monthly

Monday - Friday 8:30AM-2:00PM

Early drop off at 8am (no fee) 

Dates: September 2019-June 2020


Tuition: $15,500;


Montara Kaimana School is an inclusive community where we engage, challenge and support conscious creators from diverse cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. As part of our commitment to this diversity, we provide need-based financial assistance for students.

If you have a request around tuition assistance, please email us and we can arrange a way to speak further with you.


We operate on rolling admissions. If you are interested in applying please do so and we will get back to you to regarding our openings. Currently enrolling for January 2020! 



Please apply online and download the Tuition Agreement for the program you're interested in. 
We are now accepting enrollment into classes for September.  

PreSchool Tuition Agreement

Kindergarten & Grade School Tuition Agreement